Seabass Pollichatu

Pollichatu has a great following in the south and here is my version. You would traditionally use more spicing to marinade the fish but I prefer to keep the marinade simple.A wonderful elegant fish dish, quick to prepare and a light dish for discerning tastebuds. A light affair with a twist of Kalonji which goes well with fish, so as not to overpower the Seabass.

Tadka Dall [Vegan option]

This is the most exciting dish for me! There is nothing better than a well-cooked dall served with paratha. Proper tadka dall is a necessity for your skills in Indian cooking. in Indian cooking you may hear the term thali, this means dish or many dishes. this box is like a mini thali. in the past, I’ve seen many offerings of this traditional dish but I want you to experience how it is prepared authentically.

Pork Belly Vindaloo

This amazing dish heralds from the Portuguese, contrary to popular belief “Vindaloo” is not a “blow your head off” type of dish. Vindaloo actually originates from vin d’alho meaning meat [mostly pork] in wine and garlic which has since been substituted for vinegar by the Indian Goan cooks.

Nariyali Jhinga

South india showcases some amazing seafood dishes. Here is a classic example. Juicy king prawns in a coconut, coriander, fennel seed & curry leaf sauce. Served with plantain thoran, coconut rice & kalonji roti. Fragrant, tasty and delicious.

Mushroom Subzi [Vegan and gluten free]

A Delightful Mixed mushroom subzi made with roasted melon seed sauce and fresh spices. Cooked with gram flour pancakes, fragrant lemon rice and a punchy garlic chutney A fantastic Vegan and gluten free offering still packed with lots of flavour

Malai Murgh

Malai Murgh basically means creamy chicken. There are many many variations of this recipe usually including yoghurt, cream and cheese. Ive opted for a simple yoghurt version but there’s a twist…. Im always looking for interesting adaptations and this recipe uses a marinade with a tea, yes tea! This marinade uses freshly roasted garam masalas and a fantastic single estate hand rolled tea from Nagaland courtesy of The Tea Leaf Co.