Street Food Recipe Box

My favourite classic street food dishes all in one box! Bhel puri –  a fantastic mezzo of flavours, a type of indian salad. Batada vada – potato dumplings in a gram lour batter. Red onion pakora – the real deal of onions and mixed spices, crispy, crunchy and delicious . Make some fantastic chutney alongside and have a feast!

Macher Jhol

An amazing seafood dish to finish the 12th recipe! A year of some amazing favourites. Here “Macher meaning fish and “Jhol” meaning stew. Traditionally a spicy affair and hailing from the region of West Bengal. Speak to anyone but one thing is for sure, the people of Bengal LOVE their fish! This is my adaptation of a fantastic classic. Almost always served with rice. I’ve brought to the table a bread that my mum made often “BHAKRI” an unleavened bread which goes perfectly with the fish. Finish with a zingy courgette and spring onion thoran and a fragrant cardamom and clove rice.

Butternut Kofta [vegan]

Kofta plays a huge part in indian vegetarian culture. there are many styles and i’ve gone for something a little different. Traditionally the kofta’s would be deep fried but to make it healthier our kofta’s are roasted in the oven. Married with an elegant garlic & tomato sauce, a cabbage & cashew thoran along with a methi roti this dish is sure to get your tastebuds tingling.

Lamb Chettinad

Indian cuisine would not be complete without showcasing a succulent lamb dish, and there are so many to choose from. I have chosen a delicious recipe originating from the Chettinad region of South India. One of the distinctive spices in chettinad cooking is stone flower, unusual and fragrant! You will see this spice in action here. Make this with a potato spinach subzi, coriander seed carrots, a wonderful chettinad sauce and a delicate raita.
The flavours will keep coming at you for sure. Tasty succulent and delicious

Seabass Pollichatu

Pollichatu has a great following in the south and here is my version. You would traditionally use more spicing to marinade the fish but I prefer to keep the marinade simple.A wonderful elegant fish dish, quick to prepare and a light dish for discerning tastebuds. A light affair with a twist of Kalonji which goes well with fish, so as not to overpower the Seabass.

Tadka Dall [Vegan option]

This is the most exciting dish for me! There is nothing better than a well-cooked dall served with paratha. Proper tadka dall is a necessity for your skills in Indian cooking. in Indian cooking you may hear the term thali, this means dish or many dishes. this box is like a mini thali. in the past, I’ve seen many offerings of this traditional dish but I want you to experience how it is prepared authentically.