The Story of Minesh & The Kari Club.

The Early Years

During his frequent childhood trips to Gujarat in India with his Mother, 8 year-old Minesh Agnihotri took on peeling and chopping duties, while his mother effortlessly prepared a series of fresh, delectable dishes for her family.  The sights, aromas and sounds of an Indian home kitchen – the hissing of the pressure cooker and the mustard seeds spluttering in hot oil – made an indelible impression on him and was the start of his great passion for what is surely the world’s greatest cuisine.

Fast forward ten years.  A visit to a traditional curry house with his friends after a cricket match, left Minesh dismayed: where was the real Indian food?  Still today, even, much of  what many of us think of as “curry” (a term that now refers generally to dishes from the sub-continent) is a poor representation of Indian food.  Minesh’s Mum thinks so, too.

How it All Began

Cooking since 2001 after founding a successful restaurant in Brighton, the last five years, have been about rediscovering his love of authentic dishes. His at-home Indian cookery lessons have become increasingly popular. For him, this is the path to true fulfilment and joy.
Minesh’s keen learners have enthusiastically welcomed the idea of everything you need to prepare a delicious Indian meal from one box.
And now, we bring this joy to you and here it is:  The Kari Club.

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