The Kari Club’s first radio interview

Well at least the sun was shining today! After yesterday’s torrential rain and yes it is MAY. All we can do is grin and bear it. Luckily, today the sun was out as  i was strolling down Queens road towards BBC SUSSEX. I was here a few years ago with Indian Summer and took along some goodies to be eaten on air. Was fun! This time its all about the new venture and to talk about the journey and what the Kari Club is all about. Part of the food festival and tackling the subject of real food. It was a fantastic afternoon talking about the universal language of love > FOOD. I was keen to present that the recipe boxes can be cooked by anyone at any level. The array of spices provided and to enable to cook together and slow down the fast paced life that we all lead. Well at least for one day 🙂

listen here…


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