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Each meal serves from 1, 2 or 4 persons depending on your selection. With an easy to understand recipe card included and online video tutorials, explaining more about the dish, and full of essential hints and tips. The box has all the essential spices, vegetables, meat or fish included. We even include sunflower oil and himalayan salt!

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For robust flavour, spices will be roasted and freshly ground.  In addition to best-in-class ingredients,  we’ll source the best quality, often hard-to-find herbs.

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And, nothing goes to waste, or loses its freshness. Just open the box, enjoy cooking, then sit around a table with your favourite people – and enjoy.

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John Colyer of Hove

The cooking instructions were very easy to follow and the numbered spices a great help in when and where to introduce them into the preparation of the end meal. The quality of the ingredients were of a high quality and very fresh. This is a first class product and i highly recommend it as a meal that is easily prepared in your own kitchen and in so doing can become a very social evening with family or friends.

Ruth Reynolds of Brighton

It felt like having a gift delivered when my Kari Club box arrived. It was packaged and presented beautifully. I found the instructions really easy to follow and also found the online video very helpful. The meal itself was absolutely delicious. The flavours and fresh ingredients were a wonderful combination. The portion was very generous too, despite my boyfriend’s hearty appetite there was still plenty left over for another meal the next day.

Previous Months

Mamaji Chicken


Mamaji chicken is an interpretation of my mum’s dish that she used to cook when we were kids. Boneless chicken thigh made with fresh spices, cashew nut puree and roasted fenugreek. Cooked with a beautiful sweet potato and carrot thoran, cumin and bayleaf basmati rice and wholemeal chapati’s ..Awesome

Baingan Bharta [Vegan option]


Smoked aubergine crush. A dish originating from the Punjab. One of my favourite all time vegetarian dishes. A beautiful smoked aubergine with simple spices and mixed with creamy yoghurt. We are cooking this with a fragrant onion pea pulao and a zingy parsnip thoran, finished with of course our lovely home made chapati’s.

Patra ni Macchi


A truly stunning fish dish from the Parsi’s in Gujarat. Fish in a coriander mint chutney marinade and then wrapped in a banana leaf. Traditionally served at weddings. This is a lovely elegant dish. We are cooking this with Aloo subzi, green bean thoran and a fresh mint raita. Not every dish has to be […]

Malai Murgh


Malai Murgh basically means creamy chicken. There are many many variations of this recipe usually including yoghurt, cream and cheese. Ive opted for a simple yoghurt version but there’s a twist…. Im always looking for interesting adaptations and this recipe uses a tea, yes tea! This marinade uses freshly roasted garam masalas and a fantastic […]

Mushroom Subzi [Vegan]


Indian cuisine has always been a champion of vegetarian food. This recipe box offers a fantastic vegan and gluten free offering but still packs a lot of flavour. The use of “charmagaz” roasted melon seeds to make your cream works really well with the mixed mushrooms. Accompanied by gram flour pancakes. You will also get […]

Nariyali Jhinga


South india showcases some amazing seafood dishes. A classic example of juicy king prawns in a coconut, coriander, fennel seed & curry leaf sauce. Served with a delicious plantain thoran, coconut rice & kalonji roti. Fragrant, light and so tasty that you will be dreaming of the backwaters of Kerala.

Pork Belly Vindaloo


This amazing dish heralds from the Portuguese, contrary to popular belief “Vindaloo” is not a “blow your head off” type of dish. Vindaloo actually originates from vin d’alho Meaning meat [mostly pork] in wine and garlic which has since been substituted for vinegar by the Indian Goan cooks. We used to make a variation of […]

Tadka Dall [Vegan option]


I am hugely excited by the dish i have prepared for you!  For me, proper tadka dall is a necessity for your skills in indian cooking. In indian cooking you may hear the term thali, this means dish or many dishes. this box is like a mini thali. In the past i’ve seen many offerings […]

Seabass Pollichatu


Pollichatu has a great following in the south and here is my version. You would traditionally use more spicing to marinade the fish but I prefer to keep the marinade simple. A wonderful elegant fish dish, quick to prepare and a light dish for discerning tastebuds. A light affair with a twist of Kalonji which goes well […]

Lamb Chettinad


Indian cuisine would not be complete without showcasing a succulent lamb dish, and there are so many to choose from. I have chosen a delicious recipe originating from the Chettinad region of South India. One of the distinctive spices in chettinad cooking is stone flower, unusual and fragrant! You will see this spice in action […]

Butternut Kofta [Vegan]


Kofta plays a huge part in indian vegetarian culture. there are many styles and i’ve gone for something a little different. Traditionally the kofta’s would be deep fried but to make it healthier our kofta’s are roasted in the oven. Married with an elegant garlic & tomato sauce, a cabbage & cashew thoran along with […]

Macher Jhol


An amazing seafood dish to finish the 12th recipe! A year of some amazing favourites. Here “Macher meaning fish and “Jhol” meaning stew. Traditionally a spicy affair and hailing from the region of West Bengal. Speak to anyone but one thing is for sure, the people of Bengal LOVE their fish! This is my adaptation of […]

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