How Does The Kari Club Work?

It’s easy. Each month, The Kari Club will source, prepare and deliver authentic, fresh ingredients for you to create a delicious meal in the comfort of your own kitchen.

We supply all the ingredients

There’s no panic over missing ingredients. We’ll deliver everything you need measured out precisely and stored in separate, recyclable packaging. No waste, no fuss, and absolutely stress-free.

Delivered straight to your door

In your Kari Club box you’ll receive top quality fish, meat, pulses, fantastic spices that are not available on the high street, herbs, rice and vegetables, sourced from our known and trusted suppliers that supply some of the finest restaurants. The box will be chilled, sealed and delivered straight to your door (by courier and not Rickshaw!)

The Kari Club will offer you:

  • Easy to follow recipes written by a skilled chef
  • Whole spices freshly ground saving you time but giving you the rich deep flavour
  • Carefully measured ingredients eliminating wastage
  • Fresh herbs and often hard to find ingredients
  • Motivation to eat well
  • Online video tutorials taking you step by step
  • Quality time with you and your family with good food

Get the latest KariClub News

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