The Journey

Who would have thought after 15 years of running a restaurant….

As i hung up my apron strings last February, it took some time to sink in, my children were saying “your home again daddy!”  Well, a refreshing change from the hectic life running a restaurant, the late nights and the long hours. My love of indian food still brings me back to the “what if” question only this time a different angle.

As i took the summer off and travelled across south india, the beautiful sights and smells of the vast landscape, culture and amazing food leads me to my next journey.

“What if i can supply fantastic spices and ingredients with great recipes for the great British public to cook at home?”….. and here we are..

After so many trials and testing we are nearing to my dream of empowering the novices to the experienced to embark on a new culinary journey of indian food from my eyes. Let it begin