Tadka Dall [Vegan option]

I am hugely excited by the dish i have prepared for you!  For me, proper tadka dall is a necessity for your skills in indian cooking. In indian cooking you may hear the term thali, this means dish or many dishes. this box is like a mini thali. In the past i’ve seen many offerings of this traditional dish but i want you to experience how it is prepared authentically. It reminds me of some of the dals in Rajasthan, memories of  sitting by the lake, soaking up the dal with a crispy paratha. this will test your skills but trust me it is truly worth it. Accompanied by a fresh cauliflower subzi and a simple yet exciting cumin raita.

Finally and as an extra gift to you i’ve included my very own home made red pepper and mango chutney, roast a papad and enjoy.

Things you will need:

Large Saucepan
Frying pan
Roasting tray
Mixing bowl