Seabass Pollichatu

Pollichatu has a great following in the south and here is my version. You would traditionally use more spicing to marinade the fish but I prefer to keep the marinade simple. A wonderful elegant fish dish, quick to prepare and a light dish for discerning tastebuds. A light affair with a twist of Kalonji which goes well with fish, so as not to overpower the Seabass.

A fragrant coconut, lime & ginger sauce is a perfect accompaniment to seabass. Another traditional staple in the South is upma, here I make it with tomato, ginger & green chilli. Finished with red pepper and samphire thoran. It is important to prep the marinade first as we want the fish to absorb the flavours. Ideally marinade the fish for an hour. Prep your vegetables whilst the fish is in the marinade. This is simple to prep. I hope you agree that it still hits the spot. Enjoy!


Things you will need:

Large Saucepan
Frying pan
Roasting tray
Mixing bowl