The Kari Club: What’s It All About?

Each specially selected recipe and set of ingredients reflects a specific region of India or has been re-created from the dishes passed down through family generations – with the occasional cutting-edge twist to transform your meal into something special.

During the last five years, as his at-home Indian cookery lessons have become increasingly popular, Minesh has found a way to re-discover his love of authentic dishes, cooked with the care and attention that they deserve.  For him, this is the path to true fulfilment and joy.

Minesh’s keen learners have enthusiastically welcomed the idea of everything you need to prepare a delicious Indian meal from one box.

And now, we bring this joy to you and here it is:  The Kari Club.

This brand new concept in mail order delivery will help you to learn new skills and embrace the culture and warm mentality of the Indian host:  the honour and privilege of cooking and serving food for your guests, be they friends, family or simply for dinners à deux with that special person in your life.

Step away, even for a short time, from your busy life.  Slow down and enjoy quality time, precious moments for yourself to enjoy cooking and sharing food.

The Kari Club will offer you:

  • Top quality, carefully sourced ingredients – everything you need in one box
  • Easy to follow recipes written by a skilled chef and food writer
  • Whole spices, freshly ground, saving you time and importantly, creating a rich deep flavour to your dish
  • Carefully measured to just the correct amount, eliminating waste from your overburdened cupboards and fridge
  • Fresh herbs and other often hard-to-find ingredients
  • Motivation to eat well, as each recipe is easily achievable.  A video on the website as well as a clearly illustrated recipe guide makes cooking easy.
  • Quality time with your family – or even with yourself.

What do our customers think

Ruth Reynolds of Brighton

It felt like having a gift delivered when my Kari Club box arrived. It was packaged and presented beautifully. I found the instructions really easy to follow and also found the online video very helpful. The meal itself was absolutely delicious. The flavours and fresh ingredients were a wonderful combination. The portion was very generous too, despite my boyfriend’s hearty appetite there was still plenty left over for another meal the next day.

John Colyer of Hove

The cooking instructions were very easy to follow and the numbered spices a great help in when and where to introduce them into the preparation of the end meal. The quality of the ingredients were of a high quality and very fresh. This is a first class product and i highly recommend it as a meal that is easily prepared in your own kitchen and in so doing can become a very social evening with family or friends.